JDT WebPro Management Suites

Keeping your website current and up to date is crucial for a successful online presence, and that's what the JDT WebPro Management Suite system was designed to help you achieve that successfully and easily.
The WebPro Management Suite Library is an ever growing collection of online plugins, widgets and application that allow our clients to be able to take a Proactive part in the look, functionality and maintenance of their website.

WebPro Management Suites not only give our clients direct interaction and editing abilities of their websites, but also they can allow your website to be an integral part of your organization daily operations.
Your Website works 24/7, 365 days a year. Why not put it to work? Post Events, Make Appointments, Take Surveys, Sell Tickets, Track Equipment, the list is endless.

  • 0 Conference Agenda App

    COMING SOON   The JDT Webpro Conference Agenda App is the perfect match for all kinds of conferences, seminars- and events-related websites. Users can easily add and manage multiple conferences, sessions, agendas, and speakers. The agenda App shows a detailed, user-friendly timetable for all conference days. Each conference type can be displayed in different color and font theme, and quickly installed on a site designed by JDT WebPro or your own site using JavaScript integration. Embed a Conference Agenda Software into your event website and show all upcoming events at a glance. Personalize numerous conferences, agendas, and speakers and present them neatly to all potential visitors and attendees. We can deliver any custom modification.   Conferences Add, customize and manage countless conferences. Specify start date and duration, assign speakers and agendas to each conference. Timetable Each conference is displayed in separate day, time, and session blocks on the web page where the agenda PHP script is installed.  Sessions Conferences are usually divided into blocks or as we called them "sessions". There is a separate timetable for each of the sessions.  Responsive Design The speakers' app is mobile friendly and available in 10 color and font variations designed to best match your website style. Agendas After adding conferences and sessions, you can attribute all related presentations and speeches which will be held at the event. Languages Admins can translate titles and system messages in the front- and backend system into any other language using unique text IDs. Speakers The agenda widget allows you to add detailed speaker profiles (image, byline, short bio, contacts) and assign them to agendas.

  • 0 Online File Management App

    Almost every business requires in-house file sharing management. The more departments you have, the more important it is. The JDTwebpro File Sharing App is the easy to use solution. In addition to text documents, users within this system can download and upload images, videos, .xls, .csv, .zip files that are critical to the streamlined functionality of your business. Only want your upper management to have access to certain items? Administrators that you choose can select which staff members, can access it. If you wish to have clients access your file sharing, they need to sign up to your website, to access the file sharing. By using the JDTwebpro file sharing Management App, you can enhance your website, build strong customer relationships, and simplify your management and business operations! We have included all the “must-have” features and functionality and made it customizable to fit your specific needs… you’re welcome! Here are some of the most common functions: Simple File Management The JDTwebpro file-sharing app offers a user dashboard easy to understand overview of new files, comments added to those files, as well as the clients added each day. Title Translation The built-in language editor allows staff members that you give access to, the ability to translate all internal and external titles and system messages as you see fit. Client Sign-up & Management Options You can either add clients from the menu in the administrative dashboard or let the clients register independently from your website. Note, that on the administrative dashboard, your administrative staff can edit, enable/disable user profiles at any time.  File Types & Sizes Surprise…there is no size limitations! User Access Our app has two different types of access. Similar to Facebook, Admins will have full access - they can add/delete other users and edit or changes settings, whereas “Editors” cannot. Comments & Messages Access As in a few of our other apps, you and your staff, or clients you share your files, have the ability to leave notes and comments on each file. This increases communication between all parties and reduces, or replaces email exchange.

  • 0 Contact Manager App

    The JDT Webpro Contact Manager App allows anyone to create various emails and web forms and embeds them into a website. Using the script you can easily create web forms and encourage visitors to contact you, send feedback, files or book dates.Contacts are one of the first things website visitors are usually looking for on your website. With our app, you have the freedom to create your own contact form, as well as other useful web forms. Check the key features that come standard with the script: Create Various Web Forms Email Notifications Set custom alerts, which will be automatically sent to admins after submitting a web form.  Multiple Languages Translate from using the built-in language module.  Edit Your Web Forms Customize your web forms without the need of using advanced CSS coding. Use a simple style editor in the contact form script.

  • 0 Service Ticket App

     An affordable online help desk system that enables you to manage and consolidate all customer support requests at one online centralized location. Our Ticket Support Script will not only provide you with an online help desk but will empower you to manage and keep tickets in check, too.Every company providing maintenance and post-sale support services needs a simple and reliable support ticket system to manage customer requests and issues. Integrate our smart help desk system into your website and keep your finger on the pulse of your customers' needs!  Smart Ticket Management Handle multiple customer support and client requests. The process, edit, delete, and export tickets. Add tickets manually on behalf of clients.   Responsive & Varied Design The front-end UI of our help desk software is optimized for mobile devices. You can preview and enable 10 different color themes.   Scripted Messages Support members can use predefined messages in standard situations and thus improve turn-around time and quality.   Ticket Rating Tool Clients can rate ticket replies they have received from the support team. They only need to click on the respective emoji icon   Customer Panel Clients can communicate with your staff, follow up and read ticket replies from a password-protected profile area on the front-end. Email Notifications Notify clients as soon as their tickets have been processed. Send automatic emails to all departments upon each new ticket received.   Ticket Assignment Clients can direct tickets to different departments from the online form. Team leaders can assign tickets to agents from the back-end.

  • 0 Blog App

    Use the JDT Webpro Blog App to build and maintain your own blog website. Using our blog software, you don't need any programming skills to publish articles, create navigation and categories, adjust design, add widgets such as stars rating, social share buttons, comments and more. Running a blog has become a worldwide trend and even a well-paid occupancy for many. If you have a lot to say, show or just share, but have been withholding from creating your own blog, because it seemed rather difficult, you've just found an easy blog script with all it takes:   Blog Categories Create various categories for easier navigation through your blog and a myriad of articles to each of them.   Modern and fresh design Responsive Bootstrap layout available in 10 different color themes. You can easily switch colors from the intuitive admin system.   Multiple authors Add multiple contributors to your blog. There are two types of users which can access it - admins and authors.   SEO-friendly blog Optimize your blog with minimum SEO skills. Add SEO-friendly URLs, insert meta tags to blog posts and alt tags to images.   Add-ons and widgets Enable various add-ons and widgets such as stars rating, comments, social share buttons etc.   Custom configurable Through the admin page, you can change all settings, such as posts order and view, time zone, date & time format etc.   Comments and banned words Set rules for comments (order, admin approval) and define a list of banned words and other inappropriate content.

  • 0 Newsletter App

    Keep your website content up-to-date in order to gain the advantage over competitors and keep visitors and media interested. Use this JDT Webpro Newsletter App to embed a small news widget into your website and keep your website abreast. The news management system on the backend allows even people with no programming skills to easily manage news articles. Add life to your website! Keep visitors updated on the latest achievements and events related to your company. Upload vibrant images to attract attention and make contents more readable. Check the key standard features of Newsletter App: Publish News By using our Newsletter, content management is as simple as editing a document in MS Word. Multi-language Support Add any language and translate the news management system easily. Enable multiple languages or set a default one. Multiple Layouts Choose your design out of four layouts available in the news widget. You can select the one that fits your branding best. Responsive Design PHP News Script loads and operates flawlessly on various mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.  Impact Rankings Refresh website content on a daily basis to impact Google rankings and appeal to readers and media. Editor's Access Add multiple news managers (editors) which will be able to add and edit postings, but cannot access and change settings. Adjustable Options Admins can change various options such as date & time format, first day of the week, news per page, manage old news etc.

  • 0 Store Locator App

    The JDT Webpro Store Locator App uses Google Maps API and it will enable your website visitors to easily locate stores on the map. This Google Maps Store Locator comes packed with a number of features and easy user interface for both the back and the front-end. With the Store Locator App you can list stores and business locations under different categories. Store Locator is a must-have PHP script for all kinds of shops and stores regardless of their size and industry, especially when the business is spread across multiple locations. Small things usually make a difference. Making it easier for your clients to find you is a win-win in any case! Store Filter Add a smart store finder feature to your website. Visitors can easily find nearby stores using the Category & Distance filters.   Multiple Languages Translate the Store Locator script into your language. The built-in language module allows you to edit all front- and back-end titles.   Google Geo Coding Zip Code locator and automatic coordinates input; enter a street address or drag the pin on the map to locate the exact address.   Email With Directions Your website users can request an email with the chosen direction and a list of transit locations for easier and quicker navigation.   Google Maps Directions Users can get directions from Google Maps - enter a current location and the Store Locator script will suggest transit locations.   Optimized For Mobile The Store Locator PHP script is fully responsive across a wide range of end-user devices to provide an optimal shopping experience.   Custom Map Images Using the PHP Store Locator script you can add custom images for categories and stores so both can be easily picked out on the map.

  • 0 Member Manager App

    The JDTWebpro membership directory script will allow you to create countless personal profiles. The members listing can find the perfect application on corporate websites, recruitment portals, and various professional services websites. Each profile contains member‚Äôs information, contact details, a short biography, skills and an avatar picture. Admins can add custom skills and enable/disable profiles anytime. The membership directory software can be modified to fit the needs of each particular client. The membership directory script is a user-friendly online app facilitating the Search & Find process for companies and people looking for professionals with specific skills set. Learn more about the key features authorized users can control from the back-end:   Member Profiles The membership directory software enables you to add member profiles containing diverse personal and professional information. Website visitors can then easily search and find the right one(s).   Multiple Languages Thanks to the new plugin, members listing script admins can translate all front- end back-end titles and enable a language switch bar. You just need to search and locate text IDs.   Member Details Each member listing profile contains personal details, contact details, social profile links, skills set, profile image(s) and a short bio or other description. Admins can manage skills from the back-end. Responsive & Versatile Design The membership directory script has a front-end design optimized for various mobile devices and screen sizes. You are free to choose the theme that best fits your website out of 10 color schemes.   Manage Member Listings Membership directory admins can specify the number of member profiles per page. Use the Export/Import functionality to transfer all or selected profiles by different criteria and in different formats.   User Access Roles Two types of users can access and manage the membership directory software. Admins have full access rights and can add other users, whereas Editors can only access and edit profiles.   Member-editable Accounts Upon sign-up members can handle their own profiles straight from the member listing's front-end interface. Script users can review and manage all member accounts from the back-end Members menu.

  • 0 Auto Classifieds App

    The JDT Webpro Auto Classifieds App is a simple car dealer script that will provide any dealership website with great car classifieds and car inventory management system. Use the car dealer app to build car sale platforms and auto dealership websites. The car script is deployable on your server and needs to be installed onto your hosting account. But don't worry, we are here to assist you with that. If you've been searching for an intuitive car classifieds script that will help you manage your car inventory more easily and earn more money through paid listings, you'd better take a closer look at this app. It will offer all standard features - and even more: Car Inventory ManagerAdd, edit and delete car listings on your website, or let car dealers and vendors submit and manage their own car inventory. Multiple LanguagesAdd various languages to your car dealer site. Admins can edit languages, change text buttons, titles etc. Paid ListingsUsing Auto Classifieds Script you can create your own auto advertising platform and charge vendors for publishing their car ads. Google OptimizedOptimize your site for search engines by using SEO-friendly URLs and add meta tags for car listing pages. Vendor AccountsCar dealers can register on your car dealer website. Then they can edit their profile information and add car listings on your website. Search & CompareWebsite visitors can easily find what they are looking for thanks to the multi-criteria search, the sorting options, and a comparison table.

  • 0 Equipment Rental App

    The JDT Webpro Equipment Rental App is an advanced and scalable equipment booking app designed to improve your website's conversion rate and performance. Use the equipment rental app to build and manage your own e-commerce platform for renting all kinds of equipment tools, outdoor equipment, sports equipment, construction tools etc. The rental system can be easily integrated into any website and customized upon request. Let people rent all kinds of equipment (party tools, sports facilities, construction equipment etc.) for a certain period of time using a simple and smart equipment rental system integrated on your website. Review the key features that come standard with our Equipment Rental Script: Online CatalogAn intuitive back-end system allows you to list all your equipment inventory in categories and packages. Delivery & CollectionOffer delivery and collection services at extra cost. Clients canchoose delivery and collection method during checkout. E-commerce FunctionalityCustomers can book equipment tools online using an easy and intuitive online equipment rental software. Payments IntegrationEnable clients to pay online using PayPal and Authorize.Net. Allow wire transfers, CC payments and cash on delivery. Equipment PackagesOffer several equipment tools in one combined packageto make it easier for your customers to rent all they need. Built-in Invoice ModuleThe rental software issues invoices for each booking. Create invoice templates with your company details, edit, print and email them. Daily & Hourly PricesCharge customers on a daily or hourly basis. Set default and special prices for a predefined period of time for each

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